Tips for Trading in Your Car in El Paso

Part 2 - What to Do Before Trading
The second step is figuring out what to do before you trade.

We get it. You’re driving around El Paso one day, and it hits you: you are sick to death of your car. Which is not to say you two haven’t had a great run…but it’s time. The question is: how do you trade in your used car for a new car in El Paso? Are there certain things you can do to up the value to dealerships? Definitely.

Also, there are a few things that are up for debate. We’re going to present you with all the facts, and you can decide what’s best for you and your sedan, crossover, truck, or SUV.

1) Know What It's Worth

It is always beneficial when doing anything related to a car—be it purchasing a new or used vehicle, or trading one in—to know what’s what. This means: do your research before heading to any dealership. Go on Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, or even eBay to see what your make and model is selling or auctioning for. If you can localize your search and see what sedans and SUVs similar to your model are selling for in El Paso, even better.

2) Cure That Curb Rash

You know how every time you pull up to park, you let your tires scratch against the curb just ever so slightly so you know that you’re close? Yeah, that scratches your rims. Not to worry, though, because literally every single driver in the world does this exact thing. What’s even better: it’s SUPER cheap to fix. Drive to any local auto or body shop (or wheel specialist) in Sunland Park, Prado Verde, Fort Bliss, Horizon City, or anywhere near El Paso and it will be shockingly affordable to get this taken care of. In the end, seeing a car that looks good “on the street” to the naked eye will up the value of your trade-in enough to make this investment well worth your while.

3) Fix Small Things

While we realize you don’t mind your rear window rolling down every time you go over 50 on the 10 or that TEENY tiny dent on your door, to the dealer, this is just one more ding that will bring his or her resale value down. Fixing small things and “paintless” dents can go a long way to getting a larger return on your trade-in investment. We’re not talking huge repairs here—just small stuff. Get your vehicle detailed, and see what you can negotiate if you know of a few minor issues. This goes for every kind of car, from luxury models down to that Dodge Caravan you bought in college and used to drive cross-country with your band.

4) To Wash or Not Wash?

That is the question. If you’ve had your car for several years and have driven all around El Paso, Texas, New Mexico and Juarez, it’s probably not a horrible idea to wash your car before attempting to trade it for a new model. That said, as promised, we’re going to present you with both sides.

Don’t Wash

Certain people advise against washing your car before cruising over to a local dealership. In their opinion, it appears that you’re trying too hard and are desperate to trade your car in that very day. This is an interesting argument, but to be honest…are you not interested in trading your car in that day? If you could get a great deal on a new sedan, crossover, truck or whatever suits your fancy that very day, would you not be totally stoked to do so? We don’t quite love this logic, but thought it valuable enough to share for your consideration.

Wash It

The reason being: it ups the trade-in value. Period. Yes, something as superficial as a simple car wash can meaningfully increase the amount of money that comes your way during a trade-in transaction. Think about it: do you shower before interviews, or just say, “Nahhhh. I don’t want to try too hard.” You obviously shower AND you dress for the job you want. As well you should, and why we say, treat your car like you treat yourself, and it’ll never do you wrong.

We hope these tips help get you on your way to trading in your old car for a new model that revs your engine. Stay tuned for more tips on trading in your used vehicle for another used vehicle or for cash or a lease, and how to maximize your trade-in value.

Happy driving, El Paso! Check back our site each week for more tips.

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